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Campus Overview

School begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:50 PM. Extended Care is available as late as 6:30 PM. Learn more about Extended Care.


FCS provides a progressive, research-supported education that reflects a biblical worldview. Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD), a research-based model, supports instruction across content areas that is rich in high level vocabulary, promotes metacognition, encourages gradual release of responsibility, and embodies 21st century learning. The GLAD model emphasizes solving one’s problems, respecting others, and making good choices. Metacognitive learners are able to think about their own learning: Does this make sense? How am I doing? What am I doing well? What can I do better?


FCS provides a support system for students to build relationships with each other and staff, and together, we establish a community of compassion. Advisory groups meet twice a week and, in junior high, groups are co-ed, mixed-grade levels and range in size, averaging at twelve students. Advisory focuses on relationship building, academic support, and creating an even richer learning environment.

College & Academic Counseling

College planning at FCS formally begins in grade 8. All eighth-grade students attend two college preparation workshops during the spring semester, conducted by the college counselor. At these workshops, students are introduced to found